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Due to an increase in demand  to bring along those beloved four legged friends, we have decided  to open the doors aboard Wanderer and welcome your furry family members onboard!  Of course there are some housekeeping rules and we wouldn't recommend pets larger than 15kg as you may feel restricted for room.

There are a number of areas along the river that are easily accessible for you to take your pooch for a toilet break (using your tender).  Please note, some areas are nature reserves so dogs will not be permitted.  We can point out these areas on the map before you set off on your holiday.

Alternatively, if you have a well trained pup, feel free to bring along puppy pads or newspaper for them to do their business.

You are completely responsible for your pet and we would appreciate any mess that they make is taken care of before returning to avoid extra cleaning charges.
For more information or to book your pet-friendly houseboat holiday please give us a call!


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