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10 Fun Ideas for your Houseboating Adventure

Monday, 01 June 2015

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Houseboating is a great way to discover the great outdoors from the comfort of your very own floating apartment. Here are some great ideas to help you get the most out of your holiday.

1.     Fishing and Crabbing

Here on the Tweed River we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of fish species including flathead, bream, mangrove jack and whiting, which are all great on the BBQ with a side of chips and salad! Deep holes and mangrove hideaways are found all along the river. For tips on the best fishing spots check out Ifish Australia.

Crabbing is a must when out on the river! The Tweed is home to a variety of crabs including muddies and blue swimmers. A crab pot is provided aboard each houseboat, so why not take a stab at catching a few of these little critters!

If fishing isn't really your forte, why not consider a private fishing charter with our local fishing guru Brad Smith. He can teach you all there is to know about fishing and how to hook the perfect catch!

2.     Swimming

We quite often have customers returning from their holiday amazed at how incredibly crystal clear the water in the Terranora Inlet is, on an incoming tide it is magic! From the sandy white beaches of Tweed right up to the rainforest backdrop of Murwillumbah the river is suitable for swimming all year round. Each houseboat has a ladder to make it easier to climb aboard, or use your tender to travel to a sandbank or to shore for a swim at the beach.

3.     Snorkeling

The Tweed River, particularly around Tweed Heads is ideal for snorkeling. There are a number of rock walls just off shore that are home to some pretty amazing marine life. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a sea turtle or dolphins passing by. Be sure to check out the remains of the old wreck near Ukerebagh Island.

4.     Water skiing, Tubing and Wakeboarding!

If you're fortunate enough to own your own boat, bring it along! Use the houseboat as a base while you take advantage of the wide open spaces throughout the river. The Tweed River frequently has perfect calm conditions for skiing, tubing, jet skiing and wakeboarding and is home to the annual Nev Wilson Ski Race held every September, this is always well worth a look, and get front row seats from the houseboats!

5.     Family time

These days kids rely too heavily on video games and gadgets for their enjoyment. Houseboating is a great way to get outdoors and spend some much needed time out with the family. With plenty to see and do, the whole family will love their time spent on the boats. Let the kids play captain, with a little supervision of course, and make it a real family adventure.

6.     Kayaking

A great way to really explore all the Tweed has to offer is to venture out for a paddle and get into all those shallow areas the houseboats can't go. We have fishing kayaks for hire and highly recommend grabbing a couple before setting off. We promise, you won't even know that you're exercising!

7.     Visit towns

Stop by for a stroll around the many towns and villages along the river bank all easily accessible using the houseboat tender. Chinderah is approximately a 1-1.5hr journey from Tweed, there you can stop by and pick up some extra supplies, or even have a game of golf!

Tumbulgum is a beautiful, peaceful riverside town approximately 3 hrs travelling by houseboat from Tweed. Tumbulgum is home to the Tweed Valleys first cemetery dating back to the first pioneers, accessed by a short trip through the Rous River. Peaceful, serene and slightly eerie, North Tumbulgum Cemetery is definitely worth a visit. The Tumbulgum Tavern and the House of Gabriel are a great place to stop for lunch or breakfast and witness some of the Tweed Valleys picturesque views.

Further up river you will find the little country town of Murwillumbah which sits at the base of Australia's Green Cauldron. Murwillumbah has a lot to offer, including the Tweed Valley Art Gallery, many shops, cafes and restaurants, again, all easily accessed using your tender.

Our Story Book will help you map out your itinerary from Tweed to Murwillumbah so you can experience 32km of absolute paradise!

8.     Eat, Drink, Be Merry!

If you're not the fishing type, or aren't having too much luck with a good catch...don't fret! Seafood is never too far away! Fresh prawns and seafood can be purchased before setting off from the marina, Get Hooked Seafood is right next door or if you'd prefer a fresh catch, try grabbing a couple of kilos of prawns direct from our neighbouring trawlers. Once up River stop by Chinderah or Tumbulgum Tavern for a beautiful lunch or check out the local cafes and restaurants. Supplies can be purchased in both towns if you are running short.

9.     Relax!

I'm sure we don't need to tell you how to relax. Take in the breathtaking views of the Tweed Valley and kick back, rod in hand or with a good book. Don't forget to silence your phone!

10.  Split up your holiday and take advantage of the local area.

A lot of people aren't aware that you are able to spend part of your houseboat holiday docked at the Tweed Marina. This is particularly great for families travelling interstate. Enjoy local events and theme parks (Tweed Heads is only a 40 minute drive from Sea World, Wet'N'Wild, Movie World and Dreamworld) while using your houseboat as accommodation, once you're ready to relax, jump onboard and our captains will take you out from the marina to begin your houseboating adventure!

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